Human Cusp in print: Crisis of Control

The first book in the Human Cusp series is now available: Crisis of Control: How Artificial Superintelligences May Save or Destroy the Human Race is… a long enough title that I feel compelled to end the sentence already :-). It’s my attempt to bring the issues of existential risk stemming from exponential technology growth to a mainstream consciousness, to make the issues digestible, engaging, and broad enough to provide a complete picture.

To order, ask your local bookstore (tell them it’s in the Ingram catalog), or go to:



United Kingdom:




It’s available in Kindle and paperback at all of those links and probably many other countries besides.

It’s a balancing act to present existential threats in a way that gets people appropriately motivated without scaring them half to death. It can’t be boiled down to a soundbite without losing the essential facets that make the future potentially either catastrophe or utopia.

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