Month: February 2022

Artificial Intelligence

Review: “AI Strategy for Sales and Marketing”

It’s a pleasure to review Katie King’s new book, AI Strategy for Sales and Marketing. (Katie and I have worked together, but not on this book.) She has grown incredibly as an author since her previous book, Using Artificial Intelligence in Marketing: there’s more content, more depth, more examples, more case studies, more graphics and even better typography.

Katie breaks down AI along every conceivable axis that it would interest anyone in Sales or Marketing: The benefits, risks, issues, ethics, even the international political balance of power. She gives step-by-step advice on how to use AI, detailing the different ways it can be used, including technologies such as Emotion AI. There’s not just one bibliography for the book, but one for each chapter. She covers industries from telecomms to automotive and business units from HR to marketing.

I can’t imagine anyone in marketing not wanting this book on their shelf. If you’re not up on AI today you’ll be out of a job tomorrow, and this is the way to stay ahead of the game.