What does one of the nations that has most successfully defended itself against the coronavirus have to teach us about AI? Plenty, when the architect of their digital response to COVID-19 is also a technology genius.

In this episode, I talk with Audrey Tang, Taiwan’s Digital Information minister. She’s responsible for Taiwan’s “Digital Democracy” and has a sky-high IQ. We talk about what digital democracy is, how it powered Tawian’s virus defense, and how it also defeats disinformation campaigns ranging from conspiracy rumors to information warfare.

What is the responsibility of government to its citizens as technology advances, if that advance may leave some behind? We get into that and much more in this episode.

For more on Audrey’s “humor vs rumor” approach to combating information warfare, see

Transcript at HumanCusp Blog.

Image credit: Wikipedia.

 Audrey Tang


Posted by Peter Scott

Peter Scott’s résumé reads like a Monty Python punchline: half business coach, half information technology specialist, half teacher, three-quarters daddy. After receiving a master’s degree in Computer Science from Cambridge University, he has worked for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory as an employee and contractor for over thirty years, helping advance our exploration of the Solar System. Over the years, he branched out into writing technical books and training. Yet at the same time, he developed a parallel career in “soft” fields of human development, getting certifications in NeuroLinguistic Programming from founder John Grinder and in coaching from the International Coaching Federation. In 2007 he co-created a convention honoring the centennial of the birth of author Robert Heinlein, attended by over 700 science fiction fans and aerospace experts, a unique fusion of the visionary with the concrete. Bridging these disparate worlds positions him to envisage a delicate solution to the existential crises facing humanity. He lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife and two daughters, writing the Human Cusp blog on dealing with exponential change.

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