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002 – Guest: Audrey Tang, Digitial Information Minister for Taiwan

What does one of the nations that has most successfully defended itself against the coronavirus have to teach us about AI? Plenty, when the architect of their digital response to COVID-19 is also a technology genius.

In this episode, I talk with Audrey Tang, Taiwan’s Digital Information minister. She’s responsible for Taiwan’s “Digital Democracy” and has a sky-high IQ. We talk about what digital democracy is, how it powered Tawian’s virus defense, and how it also defeats disinformation campaigns ranging from conspiracy rumors to information warfare.

What is the responsibility of government to its citizens as technology advances, if that advance may leave some behind? We get into that and much more in this episode.

For more on Audrey’s “humor vs rumor” approach to combating information warfare, see

Transcript at HumanCusp Blog.

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 Audrey Tang



001 – Artificial Intelligence and You – Yes, You


The first episode of “AI and You” introduces the host – that’s me, Peter Scott – and some excitable explanation of what this podcast is all about. Artificial intelligence is growing in importance and impact on our lives, our jobs, and our world. While we face other urgent challenges, AI is quietly reshaping the workplace and laying the ground for social and economic upheaval.

That’s why I wrote a book about this: Crisis of Control: How Artificial SuperIntelligences May Destroy or Save the World and gave a TEDx talk: How to Save Us From Being Left Behind By AI. With partners around the world, I teach people how to prepare themselves to leverage the disruptions that are coming.

This first episode gives you an idea of the spaces we’ll cover: The breadth of AI from its technology to its philosophy. Our guests will range from neuroscientists to science fiction authors. Prepare to stretch your brain!

Peter Scott


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Podcasting: The Triple Crown

In case it wasn’t already clear… I’m new at this whole social media outreach thing. But the message is more important than the messenger’s insecurities, so I’m working it anyway, knowing that eventually I’ll get better at it… after failing enough times.

So, I have three important announcements, all about podcasting.

First: On April 27, I was Blaine Bartlett‘s guest on his Soul of Business show (link).

Blaine is a friend of several years now and he is one of the most thoughtful, practically compassionate business consultants I know. He coaches top companies and their executives on how to be good and do good, while remaining competitive and relevant within a challenging world.

Second, I was Tom Dutta’s guest on his Quiet Warrior Show on June 16:

Part 2 will be released on June 23.

Tom spoke after me at TedXBearCreekPark, and embodies vulnerability in a good cause. He speaks candidly about his history with mental health and works to relieve the stigma that keeps executives from seeking help.

And finally… the very first episodes of my own podcast are nearly ready to be released! On Monday, June 22, at 10 am Pacific Time, the first episode of AI and You will appear. I’m still figuring this podcasting thing out, so if you’ve been down this road before and can see where I’m making some mistakes… let me know! Show link.